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Barry Huffine and Stevie F Unite on “U Sexy Mutha U”

by Larry Olson
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“U Sexy Mutha U” is a high energy retro pop record infused with gospel house. 

Written and produced by dance music legends Barry Huffine and Stevie F, the song is catchy with an overall feel-good vibe. Stevie F's explosive lyrics and Barry Huffine's finely tuned production combine to give the song a depth that Zhana Roiya is able to really sink her teeth into.

“We wanted to create a song that was catchy and that anyone could relate to,” explains Stevie. “What’s more universal than desire? There’s a time in everyone’s life where their eye catches someone with a crazy sex appeal that really revs up their motor; someone they can’t stop thinking about who they want to be with.” 

“I had been wanting to work with Zhana on a project for years,” adds Huffine. “Everyone in the dance music scene knows how she’s able to deliver a lead vocal that’s on point with sweet harmonies that are simply amazing.”

Matt Consola of Swishcraft Music, the label releasing the single, agrees. “If club fans had any idea how many massive club hits Zhana’s been on through 90's and 2000’s, under various names, it would blow them away.”

“‘U Sexy Mutha U’ continues our quest to release richer, well-written and more complex tracks that are not simply flash in the pans but have the ability to stick around for years,” Consola continues.

To support the record, Swishcraft is rolling out some exciting remix interpretations that take Huffine and Stevie F’s original into even more exciting territories.  Remixers include 15-time Billboard Dance #1 duo Dirty Disco and former Paisley Park/Prince engineer turned producer Larry Peace. 

According to Stevie F, “U Sexy Mutha U” is the first of many future collaborations we will see between him and Huffine.  “We can’t say too much yet but I can say we have some follow up songs with Zhana in the works.  We’re also excited to introduce some new talent that we feel need to be heard.” 

For now, they’re riding high on the success of their debut track.  Huffine sums up the popularity of “U Sexy Mutha U” best.  “Everyone’s a sexy mutha in their own way. It’s about being confident in your sexiness.   Owning that part of you that knows you have it and can get what you want for yourself. Everyone can dig deep and find the sexy mutha within them.”